Man Doesn’t Understand Why His Girlfriend Refuses To Go Into Restaurants, But Then He Discovers The Truth…

This man noticed that his girlfriend would freeze every time they went to a restaurant. But then he learned what was really going on…


My girlfriend Ellie and I have been together 6 months now. She’s smart, driven, funny and beautiful, and we’re very happy together. There’s only one thing about our relationship that I’m confused about.

Ellie really doesn’t like going to restaurants. She’ll agree to go to one when she’s hungry, get excited about choosing a place and what to eat, but when we get there she clams up and gets very nervous. She rarely finishes any of the food we’ve ordered (we usually share lots of sides so we get a selection), and says she “doesn’t know why she’s so full now”.

When we’re together in other places she can talk for England, and I’m always having people telling me how funny and confident she is. But in restaurants Ell goes so quiet. I’ve asked her about it and at the time she says “I dunno, I just feel a bit weird, sorry, not hungry, I don’t know why” and afterwards when she’s perked up she’ll mention how she’s now hungry and wishes she had eaten it all, and laugh about how weird she was acting.

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