Shelter Kitten Refuses To Leave Her Brother’s Side From The Day She Was Adopted

This particular tale deserves to be told and retold. As one Reddit commenter put it, “Get your permission slips signed, because we’re going on a feels trip.”

cat refuses leave dog side

Charlie was a senior fellow overlooked in the shelter system. He was “big, clumsy, had health issues, and nobody wanted him,” according to a human. But those facts didn’t mean much. Charlie’s (new) humans took him home, loved him, and adopted a kitten to keep him company.

This is Scout. She loved her big ginormous brother from day one and she couldn’t even sleep without scooting close to Charlie.

cat refuses leave dog side

Charlie was the poster dog for gentle-giants. He was so careful with Scout, and the two coexisted beautifully. They were absolutely inseparable.

They ate their meals together, slept together, and Scout’s favorite pastime was sniffing Charlie’s ears. Don’t ask us why, she just loved it.

cat refuses leave dog side

In the last few weeks of Charlie’s life, he became very sick with cancer. He was frequently separated from Scout to go in and out of the vet’s office.

Eventually, Charlie let everyone know it was time, and the doctor came to their house.

cat refuses leave dog side

His human wrote:

“We were surrounded by loving friends who gave Charlie numerous pets, hugs, & kisses goodbye.”

The last step was to say goodbye to his kitty.  When Charlie passed, Scout’s human tried to make the transition a little easier by playing videos of Charlie on an iPad for her.

cat refuses leave dog side

She watched him on the screen, and then curled up next to it. “She, and I miss our big, sweet guy so much,” wrote her human on Imgur.

cat refuses leave dog side

cat refuses leave dog side

Amid the numerous comments on Reddit, she added:

“[W]e’re definitely going to get a new doggy family member soon. we’re in the beginning stages, but still being cautious to make sure we nurse our grief from this devastating loss. our Charlie dog was just the greatest guy ever. he even let Scout pretend nurse from him when she was a baby because she needed a mommy. He was such a good boy.”

She adds that Scout behaves differently than she once had. Where before she only had eyes for Charlie, she now follows her human around and greets her when she comes home. “[S]he never did these things before,” she writes, “I know she’s asking me where he is, and telling me how much she misses him.”

Rest in peace, Charlie. You’ll never be forgotten, especially by your little (kitten) sister.

cat refuses leave dog side


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