Disabled Rooster Is Afraid To Go In The Chicken Coop At Night

Contrary to his name, Poodle Roo is neither a poodle nor a kangaroo – he’s a rooster living on Apricot Lane Farms in California. For months, Poodle Roo baffled his owners with the same strange behavior every night. When all the other roosters would return to the coop, Poodle Roo would stay out in their fields. It doesn’t take an animal expert to know that there is plenty of danger lurking out in the wilderness that roosters like Poodle Roo should be afraid of. So, why was this lonesome rooster constantly leaving the rest of the roosters to sleep in the middle of a dangerous field?

This was the question on everyone’s mind when Apricot Lane Farms hired filmmaker John Chester to pay them a visit and help document Poodle Roo’s peculiar routine. It all started on the night that they attempted to return Poodle Roo to the coop with the rest of the roosters. What happened next left everyone in shock, and the future certainly looked dark for Poodle Roo. Luckily, this brave little rooster had more fight in him than anyone could have ever imagined.

This loving farm animal just goes to show us that our hardships should never stop us from taking care of those around us.


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