She Adds Coloring To Crisco And Creates Something Very Cool

This is an easy way to make candles, that you can do yourself at home very easily.

Side note for vegetable shortening:
-Excellent emergency lighting and heat source
-Used as an additive in candle making
-Inexpensive project
-Not a gift for shipping a long distance because these candles will melt easily
-Store at room temperature

List of supplies that I used are from Joann Craft Store or Amazon:
-Vegetable shortening
-Canning jars with tops
-Candle votive
-Cotton candle wick
-Oil soluble dye/mica
-Oil pastel crayons
-Citronella essential Oil
-Candle Science fragrance oil
-Lace ribbons from fabric store
-Hot glue gun
-Metallic gold spray paint
-Cotton String
-Sea shells and rocks
-Vanity Tray from Hobby Lobby


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