16 Incredible Eye Makeup Designs That Will Leave You Impressed

Tal Peleg is an Israeli make up artist who takes eye design to an entirely new level.  Peleg is demonstrating her beautiful eye makeup exhibits online so that everyone can see how she brings pop culture and history to life through make up design.

You won’t believe what you are about to see…

1. Mary Poppins

All the spoonfuls of sugar in the world can’t compare to this design!

eye make up artist

2. Yin and Yang kitties

The shadow behind these kittens happens to bring out the shade of blue in the iris of the girl wearing this design!

eye make up artist

3. The Sound of Music

This piece is alive with the look of vibrant colors as Peleg captures this classic Julie Andrews movie with her signature flare.

eye make up artist

4. The Shining

Peleg recreates two of the most iconic siblings from the world of cinema.

eye make up artist

5. Pet Sematary

One of Stephen King’s most terrifying stories is found in this piece that features intricate detail and vivid colors drifting.

eye make up artist

6. Les Misérables

Peleg shows off her mad skills by using all the colors of the French flag in the background.

eye make up artist

7. Beauty and the Beast

This piece beautifully captures the moment Belle appears in her golden dress.

eye make up artist

8. The Wizard of Oz

The incredible amount of detail in Emerald City alone is enough to impress.

eye make up artist

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Peleg managed to fit in all of the tombstones and the crooked hill! She also creates the most touching scenes in the movie!

eye make up artist

10. Chicago

The glamour and charm of one of the most popular Broadway shows ever is perfectly tied together in this creation!

eye make up artist

11. Edgar Allen Poe

Poe has never looked more glam then he does here with in this dark, yet brilliant eye design.

eye make up artist

12. The Neverending Story

Peleg gets serious bonus points for the detail on the fur!

eye make up artist

13. Bejewled peacock

This mesmerizing piece would make anyone look like they are strutting their stuff on stage, even if they’re simply walking down a hallway.

eye make up artist

14. The Princess Bride

Inigo Montoya swoops in with his sword in hand, gold flowing over him, in this intricate design.

eye make up artist

15. How to Train Your Dragon

Toothless is the cutest dragon in movie history and now he comes to life on this model’s eye!

eye make up artist

16. Masquerade face mask

Paleg is not limited to only eye make-up or pop culture motifs, she also does a steady repertoire of enchanting full-face work.

eye make up artist


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