Fox And Dog Are The Most Adorable Pals You Will Ever See

People often have a hard time making friends, but I’ve yet to meet a dog who has this problem. They get along with just about everyone.

So when Maxine Baird, director of Georgia’s A New Hope: Animal Sanctuary And Educational Center, learned that a young white fox named Soul was having trouble making friends, she knew exactly what to do.

Soul was having trouble getting along with the other foxes at ANH.  He “comes on a little strong,” said shelter director Maxine. That’s when she had an idea…

fox and dog

She introduced Soul to Home Girl, a dog living at the sanctuary. While the rescuers don’t normally mix the dogs and wildlife, they wanted Soul to have a friend.

fox and dog

And it was love at first sight!

fox and dog

“Soul was so excited, wagging his tail and jumping at the bars,” said Maxine, “that we decided to let them meet in person.”

fox and dog

Soul is too friendly to make it in nature, says Maxine, so it’s easy to see why he fits in perfectly with the dogs!

fox and dog

It makes me so happy that Soul finally has a loving companion of his own. Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend — they’re fox’s friends, too!


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