She Builds A Gorgeous Beachside House Inside This…

The big advantage to living tiny is that it’s much, much cheaper than trying to purchase/build conventional residential properties. Plus, in cases where the tiny home is built on a trailer or in a van/bus, it also allows for incredibly easy relocation.

Located just a short walk from the gorgeous, sandy beaches of Carolina Beach, North Carolina, are two very unique shipping containers.

House Inside A Shipping Container1

These containers aren’t meant for storage, though!

House Inside A Shipping Container2

They’re actually both beautiful vacation homes packed with modern amenities, ready to be rented out for your next trip to the beach.

House Inside A Shipping Container3

For just $125/night, it’s honestly a pretty amazing deal!

House Inside A Shipping Container4

Nicknamed “Conchs” for the conch shells that hermit crabs often like to use as a home, the units are surprisingly nice inside.

House Inside A Shipping Container5

The containers sit on adjoining lots, and can be rented together or separately.

House Inside A Shipping Container6

Shelly, the proprietor of these homes, created them to provide a unique vacation rental for visitors.

House Inside A Shipping Container7

Each unit comes in at around 320 square feet, and comfortably houses two adults and one child.

House Inside A Shipping Container8

Shelly provides all the amenities you could want, such as organic linens, mahogany hardwood floors, and a private outdoor deck.

House Inside A Shipping Container9

There’s plenty of privacy to enjoy an outdoor shower, too!

House Inside A Shipping Container10

The greatest amenity, however, is that you’re literally walking distance from this:

House Inside A Shipping Container11

Next time you’re planning a vacation, go outside-the-box … by thinking INSIDE the box!

House Inside A Shipping Container12


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