She Aligns These Bananas In A Frying Pan, Then Pours This Over To Create A Sizzling Treat

Looking for a spectacular dessert for your dinner guests?  Not only is bananas foster a decadent end to a meal, but it’s also quite the spectacle to behold – invite guests into the kitchen to watch you flambé the rum sauce for the most impressive results. It’s bananas Foster, and it’s likely that you’ve tried it, barring an extreme aversion to bananas.

 To start, mix butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, a dash of salt, and a dash of nutmeg into a saucepan. Now melt the ingredients down.
How to Make Bananas Foster

Grab three bananas and chop them up into bite-size pieces before throwing them in with the mixture.

How to Make Bananas Foster

Here comes the fun part. Add a bit of rum to the mixture and promptly light it on fire. Let the alcohol burn off and beware of the flame.

How to Make Bananas Foster

Now it’s time to plate the dessert. Add a bit of ice cream on top if you so choose.

How to Make Bananas Foster
Pretty simple, right? Bon appétit! A video version of the recipe is featured below.


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