A Monkey Adopts This Kitten As Her Own And Together They Are The Most Adorable Pair

Photographer Anne Young captured an amazing moment while at the Monkey Forest Park in Bali.  It was then she realized this monkey adopted a certain someone as her very own…

The monkey adopted a tiny kitten!

monkey adopted a tiny kitten1

She holds the kitten as if its her own baby.

monkey adopted a tiny kitten2

And makes sure to protect it from the other monkeys.

monkey adopted a tiny kitten3

Everyone was nervous at first, but they clearly love each other!

monkey adopted a tiny kitten4

They are inseparable friends. 🙂

monkey adopted a tiny kitten5

This unlikely mother and baby relationship is one for the ages.

monkey adopted a tiny kitten6

Mother nature is truly amazing!  Watching this monkey and kitten not only get along, but love each other as family is simply incredible! 


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