Enjoy A Sumptuous Dish In 3 Easy Steps After Filling A Casserole Pan With Bits Of Chicken

The dish consists of breaded chicken, tomato sauce, and cheese – lots and lots of cheese. It can be a bit labor intensive, depending on how fancy you want to get with it, but there are easier alternatives for the recipe.

The recipe for Chicken parmesan is perhaps one of the more popular dishes served across Americ.  Featured below is Todd’s Kitchen recipe for chicken parmesan casserole.  It’s hassle-free and looks quite scrumptious once out of the oven.

To start, fill a casserole pan with bits of raw chicken and sprinkle on garlic and Italian seasoning.

simple recipe for chicken
Now it’s time to cover the chicken with tomato sauce. You can use the brand of your choosing.
simple recipe for chicken
The next step is the most important: adding the cheese. Todd uses both mozzarella and parmesan cheese, but feel free to improvise here. Add bread crumbs on top for an added crunch!
simple recipe for chicken
Now, stick your dish in the oven for about 45 minutes. The oven should be set to 320 degrees Farenheit. Once it’s out, make sure to check that the chicken is cooked to completion. If so, you can plate and serve! You should have a golden brown top layer and moist chicken.
simple recipe for chicken


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