If You Keep These Items In Your Fridge, You Should Remove Them Immediately

Refrigerators revolutionized the kitchen like no other appliance.  It may come as a complete surprise, but these food items are better kept at room temperature than inside of a cool refrigerator:

things not to keep in fridge
It’s logical to think that keeping bread in the fridge will make it last longer, but the opposite is actually true. Cold temperatures will make the fluffy insides dry out and cause it to go stale more quickly than if you leave it on the counter.

things not to keep in fridge
Similar to bread, garlic dries out when kept in the fridge. It will also seep odors into other food items, and absorb odors and flavors of foods that are kept around it.

things not to keep in fridge
The cool temperature of the fridge has an adverse effect on the starches found in potatoes. Cold turns starches into sugars, and this will result in your potatoes having a different flavor when you take them out and cook them.

things not to keep in fridge
Tomatoes will begin to turn to mush more quickly if you keep them stored in the fridge. Keep them on your counter if they are ripe, or on your windowsill if they are underripe.

things not to keep in fridge
Onions are great for adding flavor to your favorite dishes, but keeping them in the fridge is detrimental to their flavor. Unless the onion is halved or chopped up, storing it at room temperature is perfect.

things not to keep in fridge
As some of you may know, honey does not expire. Though it may crystallize over time, all you have to do is heat it up for it to be as good as new. Refrigerating honey only serves to speed up the crystallization process.

things not to keep in fridge
Basil thrives in warmth, and keeping it the fridge will mute its flavor. To properly keep basil in your kitchen, place it in a jar of water and change the water every two days.

Whole Melons
things not to keep in fridge
Storing whole melons in the fridge is completely unnecessary. As long as they aren’t cut, melons can last a very long time just sitting on your counter. In fact, storing them in the fridge causes them to lose their age-defying antioxidants. After they are cut, it is a totally different story, but whole melons should not be kept in the fridge.

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