This Foal Was Born With A Unique Marking That Made Him An Overnight Internet Sensation

A foal born at the Fyling Hall riding school at Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire is taking the internet by storm.

Wendy Bulmer said: “I bought his mother at a sale and didn’t know she was in foal [pregnant] so that was a bit of a surprise.”

But then an even bigger surprise: the unique marking that everyone is talking about.

A chestnut foal was born with a unique white marking that looks just like the outline of another horse.
vinny unique fur marking

The marking runs up the left shoulder and seamlessly into the horse’s mane.
vinny unique fur marking

His owners thought the pattern was such a work of art that they named him Da Vinci, or Vinny for short.
vinny unique fur marking

Everywhere Vinny goes, he is followed by his little white shadow! 🙂
vinny unique fur marking


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