She Is The 11th Woman In Her Family To Wear This Stunning 120-Year-Old Bridal Gown

The greatest story we have ever heard on keeping traditions alive: this bride is the 11th woman in her family to wear an heirloom wedding dress!
wedding dress

On her big day, Abigail Kingston, from Pennsylvania, wore this 120-year-old wedding dress which has been passed down through her family from generation to generation.
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The first bride to ever wear the dress was Mary Lowry Warren, who was married in it in 1895. The last bride to wear the dress was Abigail’s mother, Leslie Kingston, who was married in 1991.
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Understandably, the dress was in need of some serious TLC — it was yellow and full of tears and holes.
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And after 200 hours of painstaking expert restoration, it was still so fragile that Abigail was only able to wear the dress for her cocktail reception.
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As the old English rhyme goes: “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. Abigail got the “old” down perfectly.
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Just lovely.
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