What This Man Does With Wood Strips Is Simply Incredible

Kitchen renovations can be one of the most expensive parts of improving and upgrading a home. My parents have redone their kitchen a few times in the time they have lived in their house. Each time it’s done they swear they will never do it again. It is a big hassle not having the use of some of your modern-day pieces of technology such as a microwave and an oven. The cost of renovating a kitchen can also be extremely high. People who don’t have the money to do a complete kitchen remodel may be looking for more cost-effective ways to liven up the decor in one of the most used rooms in a home. When it comes to bringing more style and aesthetic appeal to a kitchen, most people wouldn’t give a simple cutting board a second thought. I mean really, what can a cutting board do to liven up a kitchen? I would have had the same question, until I saw what this guy did with just three types of wood and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. This is seriously amazing.

3d cutting board1

Master woodworker Andrei Muntian wanted to show that you don’t need a complete rebuild of your kitchen to add a whole lot of character. He started out with three types of wood: Maple, Padauk and Walnut.

3d cutting board2

The boards were then all cut into thick strips.

3d cutting board3

He then marked each board for more cutting.

3d cutting board4

Using the marks he just made, he then cut the strips even thinner. This would be a very tedious process.

3d cutting board5

The thin strips were then stacked next to each other.

3d cutting board6

He then marked each individual piece of wood so he would know what order to put them in again.

3d cutting board7

He then laid them in the correct order again to get them ready for gluing.

3d cutting board8

After a layer of wood glue, it was ready to go.

3d cutting board9

The wood strips were then clamped together and left to sit and dry.

3d cutting board10

After the glue was settled and dry, it was time for the next step.

3d cutting board11

He then took the glued together wood and cut it into even more strips.

3d cutting board12

The new strips of the glued together wood were then laid in a checkerboard style arrangement.

3d cutting board13

This GIF shows how the new strips of wood were organized to get this new pattern.


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