He Never Asked Friends To Come Over Because Of Abusive Parents, Until Friend Confronts Them…

Both my parents are narcissistic and have been the number one bullies in my life for as long as I can remember. I have a younger sister that they believe is gods gift to the world, and despite me never getting in trouble, and having good grades, I am personally attacked every day.

I DREADED ever bringing friends over because my parents number one favorite pastime was to humiliate our son in front of his friends 101. I had three friends humiliate our son in front of his friends 101. I had three friends I had brought over that all returned to school the next day with an arsenal of embarrasing stories about me, some that were even made up by my parents!!

Honestly I think I would have killed myself by now, if I had never met Isaac.

Isaac is one of the smartest, most down to earth people I have ever met, and not only that, in my eyes at least, he is FEARLESS. When I was in middle school I hung out with him everyday and even though we hung out at his house alot he never understood my hesitation to bring him to my house.

So finally after being pressed a bit by him, I decide to invite him over, and try to warn him that my parents effectively hate me, which to Isaac was really hard to understand because he came from a very happy home life (Side note: love his parents).

Well first meeting goes as I was woefully to expect, my parents regaling Isaac with story after story like always, and then commenting on my eating habits, my clothing, etc… So Isaac finally says in the middle of the first meeting, after not saying much and just listening “Why are you guys so mad at him? I’ve met bullies that were nicer than you.”

My parents turned white. My dad, not a small man by any means, gets up from the table and points forcefully towards the door yelling “You don’t criticize me and my wife in our own house!!” . Isaac says “I’m not leaving yet, its winter outside and I don’t have a car, i’ll wait for my mom to come, and i’m gonna tell her everything that happened here.” While staring down my father who was towering over him with the angriest glare that I had never seen. Isaac looked almost relaxed.

Of course after his mom finally does pick him up, and as soon as he’s gone I get reprimanded for bringing him to the house and told I am never allowed to have him over again.

This probably would have been the case, save for the fact that Isaac actually moved three houses down the street about two months later. We still hung out at school everyday, but now since we had such a community oriented neighborhood, it’d be pretty much impossible for my parents to avoid him now.