Adopted Dog Was Afraid Of Other Dogs Until One Thing Changed His Mind Forever

When Lou was adopted from the shelter, his previous owner had been abusive (making him very timid and scared).  He was afraid of other dogs! 

His new owners took Lou to the Hamptons.

Adopted dog life change1

Although he was afraid of other dogs, he liked Buddha the first time he met him.

Adopted dog life change2

Can we be friends?

Adopted dog life change3

A friendship is forming.

Adopted dog life change4

They even sunbathed together! Lou had never laid out on a lounge chair before.

Adopted dog life change5

He’s starting to overcome his broken spirit. 

Adopted dog life change6

Lou’s first time at the beach.

Adopted dog life change7

He’s so happy to feel that sand between his paws.

Adopted dog life change8

Soaking in the sun.

Adopted dog life change9

Lou and the sea, this is exactly what he needed.

Adopted dog life change10

Lou had never acted so free and open. All it took was a weekend at the beach!

Adopted dog life change11

Lou after the long drive home went straight to his bed and passed out! 

Adopted dog life change12

What a beautiful story! 


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