Couple Gave Up Their Own Healthy Child For Adoption For This Incredible Reason

22 years ago in Northern China, Li Yanping and her husband had a fine, healthy boy. But soon after, they adopted an abandoned and disabled toddler on their doorstep.

They took in the small child, but their finances and milk shortages soon made care for the two children impossible.

So they did something that was actually unthinkable to most… they gave up their own healthy son for adoption, figuring since he was healthy, that his adoptive parents could easily care for him; whereas, a disabled child would hardly have a chance.

Many in their village could not believe they would give up their own child, although some greatly appreciated their act of kindness and sacrifice.

After that, more abandoned children, many with disabilities, started appearing on their doorstep. And then, Li’s husband died, leaving her to care for what was now 13 abandoned children.

But she would not give up on these children. Other villages started to help her with finances, and the Chinese government began giving her grants to help her situation.

That was 20-some years ago. Today, 80 abandoned children have passed through the loving, caring home of the now 49-year-old Li, and she says she would sacrifice anything to get all of her children into college so they can all live a good life.

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