Stroller Company Made An Adult Size Stroller For Parents To Test Ride

The priority for every parent is finding the right stroller for their newborn baby. They hope to find something that’s both comfortable and safe.

Such things might seem highly unlikely to happen. However, you would be surprised at what innovative and creative people can dream up…

Adult Stroller1

The company US Kolcraft has created a super-sized version of its Contours Bliss stroller big enough for an adult to comfortably sit in.

Adult Stroller2

Measuring around 2.29m in height, 1.83m in depth, and 1.22m in width, the stroller is twice the size of the original.

Adult Stroller3

The company’s president said that it was created specifically to allow parents to spend a few minutes living as their child, in order to understand how suitable the Contours Stroller is for his or her needs.

Adult Stroller4


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