No One Buys Twin’s Teddy Bear For Sale, Until Angelina Jolie Pulls Up In Her Car

Tim Alexander was giving his twin boys, Allen and Brandon, a lesson in entrepreneurship. They had outgrown their massive teddy bear, named Big Bear, who stands at a whopping 8’5 feet tall.

The two boys were hoping to sell the bear for $50, although the truth was they would have settled for much less. They waited outside, holding up a sign, for an hour. No one stopped. No one seemed to care. Then suddenly, a white Cadillac pulled over.

If the luxury car wasn’t enough to leave the family stunned, it was the woman who walked out: Angelina Jolie, with the apple of her eye, Shiloh, no less. The funniest part? The boys were excited to have a buyer! They didn’t recognize Angelina at all.

In fact, dad had to explain to them who she was by referencing her role in the kid’s movie Kung Fu Panda! Nevertheless, the boys got a pretty big surprise. They asked the “mysterious woman” for their asking price of $50, but they expected to be haggled down.

Instead, Angelina gave them $50 each!

This just goes to show you never know who is going to be driving or who you’ll cross paths with. It’s nice to know some celebrities aren’t out of touch and will take the time to pull over their car and make two little boys’ day!

Have you ever bumped into a celebrity? Did you get starstruck? I saw Bruce Willis once and lost it. Let us know in the comments!

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