She Converted An Old Lamp To A Beautiful Solar Chandelier For Her Backyard

Many people are starting to spend more time outdoors in their yards. From outdoor parties to a private candlelit dinner for two, your backyard utopia can provide endless options for you to make the most of the beautiful, warm weather.  Solar-powered lights are a great way to illuminate the outdoors, as they are safe to use and environmentally friendly. This Incredible DIY that utilizes solar-powered lighting as a stunning outdoor chandelier.

This gorgeous chandelier was repurposed from a candelabra chandelier that Skaie and her husband, Matt, received for their engagement over eight years ago. While they loved the beauty of the chandelier, it was not as practical as they had hoped. Every time after they used it, they had to wipe candle wax off their deck that dripped from the light fixture.

Backyard Solar Chandelier1

So, they had no choice but to put the chandelier away. It was too pretty to throw away, plus Skaie had a feeling that she would find another way to let it shine again in the future. “One day, I’ll find another use for you, so hang tight, light,” she wrote on her post. It wasn’t until eight years later that they came across a neighbor’s porch light down the street that inspired her to take out her old friend again.

Backyard Solar Chandelier2

“From this distance, I immediately knew that I was going to upcycle my loyal and trusty candle chandelier into a solar one,” she said. “Thank goodness I held on to it.” And so, inspired by her neighbor’s beautiful light fixture, she set out to make her own solar-powered chandelier that would revamp her backyard.

Backyard Solar Chandelier3

This is the original candelabra chandelier that was given to Skaie and Matt for their engagement. She suspended it over a tarp to prepare it for priming and painting.

Backyard Solar Chandelier4

She started by priming it with a white spray primer.

Backyard Solar Chandelier5

Then, she used the HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer to paint the entire chandelier in this beautiful shade of blue (Gliddon’s “Lagoon” paint color).

Backyard Solar Chandelier6

Next, she took eight solar path lights and glued the top parts onto the candleholders in the chandelier.

Backyard Solar Chandelier7

It is important to note that Gorilla Glue or marine sealant will work much better than hot glue, because the former are weather-resistant.

Backyard Solar Chandelier8

They should look like this once adhered to the chandelier.

Backyard Solar Chandelier9

And that’s it! It was so simple to revamp this beautiful chandelier, and the best part is that they are solar-powered and will charge during the day.

Backyard Solar Chandelier10

It is absolutely stunning! The perfect pièce de résistance for any outdoor picnic.

Backyard Solar Chandelier11

At nighttime, it gives off the perfect glow for a romantic ambience. A much safer and more creative alternative to dining by candlelight.

Backyard Solar Chandelier12


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