Korean Artists Makes Very Interesting Breadcats

My name is Rato Kim and I live in Seoul, South Korea. I am an Toy artist and mainy make cat themed toys.

One of my latest creations is this Bread Cat toy. I planned this item for a long time. I was inspired by the image of cats sitting with their paws hidden so I created a cute toy of that shape.

The most difficult thing ctreating this Breadcat was to decide what facial expression they’ll have. Cats have various expressions so I chose to show few of them on Breadcats and not to go with only one face.

I myself don’t have a because I am not ready. But I’d love to get a cat in two years. The Breadcat is for people like me who don’t have a cat but they would like to have one.

One day I would like to create a storybook about Breadcats or cats in general showing the ways they charm people.

Baked Breadcat1

Baked Breadcat2

Baked Breadcat3

Baked Breadcat4

Baked Breadcat5

Baked Breadcat6

Baked Breadcat8

Baked Breadcat9

Baked Breadcat10

Baked Breadcat11


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