How To Make Beautiful Baked Marble Jewelry

Real crystals are formed from a periodic arrangement of microscopic atoms that occurs when liquids evaporate in a process called nucleation. One of the most notable features of a crystal is its fractal – a repeating symmetrical pattern. With this DIY, you’ll use thermal science to create a pattern that resembles the natural fractals found in crystals to create your own faux-crystal pendant.

Baked Marble Jewelry1

You’ll need:

  • A few marbles (clear or colored)
  • A baking sheet
  • A mixing bowl
  • Ice
  • A strong adhesive (like superglue)
  • Bead caps with corresponding rings and eye pins
  • Necklace cording

Baked Marble Jewelry2

Arrange the marbles on a baking sheet and preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baked Marble Jewelry3

Prepare a bowl of very cold ice water. Bake the marbles for 20 minutes and remove them from the oven.

Baked Marble Jewelry4

Quickly dump the marbles (carefully, they’ll be very hot) into the ice water.

Baked Marble Jewelry5

The rapid shift in temperature will cause the interior of the marbles to crack. This won’t affect the marble’s shape on the outside.

Baked Marble Jewelry6

Don’t they look like crystals?

Baked Marble Jewelry7

Now, get out the bead cap and eye pin.

Baked Marble Jewelry8

Thread the eye pin into the bead cap and trim it with enough wire left for the loop.

Baked Marble Jewelry9

Fill the bead cap with superglue.

Baked Marble Jewelry10

Nestle the marble into the bead cap and let it dry overnight.

Baked Marble Jewelry11

Add an extra jump ring to the eye pin and thread the necklace cording through. You can also use a silver chain for a dressier look.

Baked Marble Jewelry12

You can even color the marbles with nail polish for a colorful, festive look.

Baked Marble Jewelry13

To learn more about how to make this beautiful marble jewelry, check out the video below.


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