How To Make A Basket Out Of Old Magazines

How can you make your bathroom feel cozy and look stylish without spending lots of money? The idea of making a beautiful woven basket for towels or toilet paper using things you can find at home.

basket out of old magazines1

You will need:

  • A chopstick
  • Some old magazines or newspapers
  • A brush and some glue
  • Clothes pegs
  • 2 pieces of cardboard and a cardboard box
  • Any heavy object (needed as a weight)
  • Acrylic paint

First steps:

1. Take your pile of magazines or newspapers, and carefully tear out some pages from them. It’s better if they’re all the same size.

2. Using the chopstick (you can also use a wooden skewer), begin to twist up the pages from the corners, fixing them together with glue.

basket out of old magazines2

3. Fix the clothes pegs to the rolled-up pieces of paper, and allow them to dry. Once this is done, flatten them out slightly.

basket out of old magazines3

4. Now it’s time to make the bottom of the basket. This obviously has to be strong. Take two pieces of cardboard. On one piece, draw out the lines as shown in the picture, and place your rolled-up pieces of paper symmetrically around the corners and sides. Glue the second piece of cardboard on top. Take the heavy object you’ve selected as a weight, and place it on top. Allow the glue to dry.

basket out of old magazines4

5. Now it’s time to make the body of the basket. Either place a cardboard box inside the bottom of the basket you have already prepared, or construct some walls on all sides using individual pieces of cardboard. Bend the flattened pieces of rolled-up paper at a right angle so that they form a cage-like set of walls around the box/cardboard walls. Attach clothes pegs to them. This will ensure the pattern of your basket is even.

basket out of old magazines5

6. Take the spare rolled-up tubes of paper, and begin to weave them above and below the vertical ones attached to the basket’s floor. Attach them together at the corners using glue.

basket out of old magazines6

basket out of old magazines7

7. Once you’re satisfied that the walls of the basket are tall enough for your needs, bend the vertical tubes of paper and loop them through the wicker pattern. The horizontal tubes should also be hidden within the inside walls.

basket out of old magazines8

8. Your basket is almost ready! You just need to make it look a little nicer. Paint the inside and the outside with acrylic paint using a brush. It’s best to use similar but different shades.

basket out of old magazines9

9. Allow the paint to dry. And it’s done! You now have a beautiful wicker basket for storing anything you like in — made with your own hands.

basket out of old magazines10


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