Bathroom Storage Ideas That Are Perfect For You

Here are some good ways to make any bathroom a perfect one without a lot of expenses.

Using the space under the tub

Bathroom ideas1
A bathtub with drop doors allows you to put many different things underneath and keep your counter space clean.

Shelf above the door

Bathroom ideas2
A shelf above the bathroom entrance will make an additional place for storage.

Glass jars

Bathroom ideas3
Simple glass jars can be used to store small things — you can just put them on a shelf or hang them on the wall.

Toiletry storage

Bathroom ideas4
The toiletry you need every day can be comfortably put in a multi-tier candy dish.

Towel hangers

Bathroom ideas5
You can hang your towels on the walls or the door — just arrange the hangers above each other.

Using the cabinet doors

Bathroom ideas6
You can even store things on your cabinet doors. Simply put small shelves on them, and there you go.

Bathroom rack

Bathroom ideas7
You could use a handy rack instead of usual shelves or cabinets — pick the one that suits your bathroom type.

Cozy little buckets

Bathroom ideas8
Hang a row of small buckets near the mirror and put your hairbrush, dryer, brushes there — whatever you want.

Storing hair appliances

Bathroom ideas9
A piece of drainpipe is good for storing large devices like a hairdryer or flat iron in it.

Children’s toys

Bathroom ideas10
You can hang a special bag for kids’ toys on the wall, letting water drip down into the tub.

New life for a flowerpot

Bathroom ideas11
Flowerpots are great for storing small things in the bathroom and making the space cozier.

Using a niche

Bathroom ideas12
If you have an unused niche in your bathroom, hang some shelves in there — like towels, for instance.

Shower pegs

Bathroom ideas13
The handy pegs will always keep your toiletry accessories and towels close by.

Metal basket

Bathroom ideas14
A metal basket on the wall or a cabinet side will help you store anything you need in a small bathroom.

Space under the sink

Bathroom ideas15
If you have some spare space under the sink, think about hanging a shelf or putting a small rack there.


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