How Make A Lovely Bench Out Of Old Bed

There are so many cool things you can find at thrift stores. When my friends and I were bored, we would go walk around them to see what random trinkets we could find. It was a good way to pass the time, and it kept us out of trouble. We were also able to find all sorts of cool knick knacks and such for our apartment. When you’re a diy’er though, trips to the thrift store are about much more than finding small decorations. You can find things that inspire you, and often materials for your next project. So when My Creative Days blogger Lindsay’s mother saw this old head and foot board at a thrift store, she knew her daughter to could put them to good use in a DIY project. Well mom has a good eye, because Lindsay created something that everything is going to want in their house now!

bed turned into a bench1

Lindsay put her skill and know-how to work when she got her hands on this head and foot board.

bed turned into a bench2

She decided that was going to turn these into a bench. The foot board would be the face of the seat, so it had to be a flat surface. She removed the top portion of the foot board to accommodate her plans.

bed turned into a bench3

After removing the top portion of the foot board, she connected the head and foot boards with two pieces of wood.

bed turned into a bench4

Pretty simple right? You can already start to see a bench taking from just these two steps.

bed turned into a bench5

Lindsay used spare wood she had at her home to create the bench. She simply glued the bench boards to the head and foot boards.

bed turned into a bench6

She even re-used part of the piece she removed from the foot board to create accents pieces for the side.

bed turned into a bench7

Next it was time to paint!

bed turned into a bench8

The white gives it a classic look.

bed turned into a bench9

I do love that she left much of the weathering visible. It gives it the look of having some age, and just some character.

bed turned into a bench10

A few pillows and it’s done!

This thing looks like it belongs on the front porch of a southern mansion. This DIY project is simple enough for almost anyone to do. If you can use a hammer, glue and paint then you have all the skills required to make this happen. Finding a head and foot board shouldn’t be that hard of a challenge either. They are all over Craigslist, and are relatively cheap. I know there are plenty of women out there who would love one of these made for them. Get on it fellas.


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