His Dad Is Diagnosed With Cancer 2 Months Into New Job, Boss Has Unusual Reaction…

A few years ago my dad was laid off from the architecture firm that he had worked at for 22 years, basically just because of corporate politics. He spent about a year without a job, which was tough when he was putting 5 kids through college. In addition to this, they had recently moved to a smaller home now that kids had moved out and were selling their old house. They planned on selling the house within a year at most, but this was right when the market crashed. They ended up with the house on the market for three years, paying for taxes and maintenance the whole time. He and my step-mom had always planned ahead, saved money, spent wisely, and generally did the financially responsible thing, but this nearly wiped them out.

Around November 2009 (I think my dates are correct), my dad got hired by a small, family owned architecture firm. It was a pretty significant pay cut, but he needed a job, and it seemed like a place my dad would like to work. Only about two months after my dad got hired, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was able to have a whipple (A very serious surgery that is pretty much a pancreatic cancer victim only way to survive long term) which, along with chemotherapy took him out of commission for nearly 6 months. Medical leave would have entitled my father to a portion of his salary while he was away, but he had not gotten those benefits yet. Instead, his boss continued to pay him his full salary telling him only, “Your job right now is to get better.”

Since then, my dad has recovered very well and is working full time. He has gotten several bonuses and raises and is now making more than he was at his previous job. His boss recently sent him to Arizona for an architecture conference, paying for airfare and hotels for him and my stepmom for the conference and the weekend beforehand, just to spend some time away. He is also paying to send both of them on a guided architectural tour of Spain for two weeks this summer, food and lodging included.

My dad has the coolest boss ever, who basically saved our family in the biggest crisis we’ve ever had.


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