She Visited An Old Boss Years Later And Put Her In Her Place

Years ago, I worked at a large chain grocery store in the Southeast US; you can probably guess which one. I had a manager that just did not like me. For example, my car broke down on my way to work on my birthday, and when I finally made it there, she chewed me out in front of the store full of co-workers and customers alike. She often pushed me to quit school and work full time because she was so certain I would fail, and she needed the shifts covered.

Well, Saturday before Easter (a busy day for them) I was back in my old city, now gainfully employed and quite happy. I stopped in that store to pick up a few things. It was so busy that she was relegated to bagging groceries. Perfect. I made my way to her line with a huge grin on my face. She recognized me. This particular chain makes baggers ask guests if they would like help taking their groceries to the car. She must have forgotten, so I specially asked her for help.

She would have been reprimanded for refusing and thus obliged. She’s a big woman, the uniforms are conservative, the parking lot is huge, we are in South Florida, and the employees can’t accept tips. I relished in walking her to my new car, a car that would have been far out of my reach on a grocery clerk’s salary. As she finished loading my groceries, she said “Come back and see us again!” and I said, “Yeah, I guess you’ll still be here.”

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