Best Friends Build Their Own “Bestie Row” Of Tiny Houses…

Almost all of us have had a B.F.F. (Best Friend Forever) at some point in our lives’ But life often takes you in different directions. If you’re lucky enough to have longtime friends even as an adult, then you know probably already know how much it means to be able to spend time together.

That’s exactly what four Texas couples had in mind when they decided that living in the same town just wasn’t enough. They’ve been best friends for over 20 years, and they weren’t about to let life separate them, so they decided to literally build a “Bestie Row.”

Architect Matt Garcia was enlisted to help make the dream a reality.

Bestie Row1

The couples purchased land along the Llano River, right on the outskirts of Austin, Texas.

Bestie Row2

Initially, they were thinking of just making one huge house, but they decided a little personal space is always good, even for best friends.

Bestie Row3

But that’s not to say they didn’t want to be together either, so they also built a 1,500-square-foot community building with a kitchen, dining room, and guest and activity space.

Bestie Row4

The individual houses are all 400 square feet and cost around $40,000 each.

Bestie Row5

They dubbed the community the “Llano Exit Strategy” and designed it to withstand the harsh Texas climate.

Bestie Row6

Every building was designed with sustainability and environmental impact in mind.

Bestie Row7

Galvanized metal siding and spray foam insulation helps keep things cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter.

Bestie Row8

Sloped rooftops catch rainwater in runoff tanks. When you live in an arid desert climate, every drop counts.

Bestie Row9

The surrounding area is a beautiful place to raise families.

Bestie Row10

The interiors of the homes are a mix of modern and rustic design elements.

Bestie Row11

The prominent wood grain and barely treated floors really add to the rustic feel.

Bestie Row12

400 square feet doesn’t sound like much, but creative space management allows for all the essentials to be right where you need them.

Bestie Row13

Considering the relatively low cost, other “Bestie Rows” may not be far off in the near future.

Bestie Row14


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