Scientists Prove That It Is Better To Be Alone Than In A Bad Relationship

Scientists announced that ’it’s better to be alone than to be with the wrong person’ and a recent study was published in the scientific journal ’Family Psychology’ showed that it’s better to be alone than in a bad relationship.  It’s proven that relationships are strongly connected with physical and mental health.

Better to be alone1

The University at Buffalo (New York, USA) spent two years following the lives of two hundred young adults who were in serious relationships. It didn’t matter if it was a marriage or just a close relationship, as both of these influence our health.

Many people believe that it’s better to date someone, even if we don’t feel completely happy with this person, in order not to feel alone. It turns out that such reasoning can have a negative impact on our health. The results showed that partners who feel comfortable in a relationship, understand each other, and don’t have everyday quarrels are in better health. According to Ashley Barr, the chief author of the study, the lack of stability in relationships is directly connected with depression, alcohol addiction, and health problems in general.

The same question was raised in the scientific journal ’Psychosomatic Medicine.’ They even published the specific figures. For example, a person who constantly has quarrels with a partner has an 8.5% higher risk of cardiovascular diseases than someone who lives in love and harmony with their partner.

So think about your relationship. Maybe it’s time to change something and pay attention to your health?


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