Young Girl Gets Sweet Revenge After Being Body-Shamed At The Gym

I’m the fat girl.

This is my first week at the gym, and every night after work, the same three girls are there. Today I found out they have been snap chatting pictures of me and making fun of me, but I don’t mind.

I’m glad that you haven’t gone through what I’ve been through. I use to be in shape, I broke my hip and had to give up all exercise. Then my grandma got sick, and I took care of her full time, I couldn’t leave her alone because I had no help, so I gained more weight. Then she died, and I ate my feelings and gained more weight. Now I’m a size 22. I don’t hate myself, or my body. I love who I am, and that took me my entire life to be able to honestly say those words. I love myself.

It really sucks that society and your parents raised you that it was okay to try to hurt someone that’s trying to better themselves instead of trying to lift them up, but I’m not mad. Thank you for reminding me to keep pushing after I had a really long day. In a month when the new year shit has worn off, I’m still going to be dieting and working my ass off at the gym every day. It’s not so you, or anyone else will accept me. It’s for me.

I hope anyone else, who feels ugly or is overweight and has decided to make a life change will keep going.

Forget the skinny girls who laugh at you or the muscly men that tell you-you’re gross, love yourself.

Let’s teach love, today’s world needs it.

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