A Barber Tries Different Methods To Ease An Autistic Boy’s Fear Of Haircuts

The little boy in the picture below is Mason. He was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder just a few months ago but has always been terrified of haircuts.

His barber, James Williams, has been trying different methods for months and recently, by taking things down to Mason’s level, he was finally successful.

fear of haircut

Not only was Williams able to give Mason a haircut, but he got a thank you hug from the little guy, too.

fear of haircut1

“We both layed on the floor in silence & he allowed me to cut away & give him his first proper haircut, again achieving something in a job I love,” Williams wrote on Facebook.

fear of haircut2

The images have been shared thousands of times since Williams posted them to Facebook, with many people praising the Port Talbot, UK, resident for going the extra mile.

And it seems Mason is pretty pleased, too!

fear of haircut3


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