He Helped His Classmate When Another Student Kept Bullying Her

So there’s this girl in my class (let’s call her Anna) who’s been bullying me since the beginning of the 1st year. Coincidentally, she’s also the class’ ho and makes a point of hitting on every male may they be single or not. I’m a 2nd-year university student, and I live with my boyfriend and his friends who are all in 3rd year. Both our classes are really small, so we share the same studio, and I tend to sit close to the 3rd years. One of my flatmates (let’s call him Jay) is the course’s “pretty boy, ” and nearly every girl has a crush on him.

Anyway, so I’m doing my work in the pc row in front of Jay when Anna passes by me and pushes my chair as per usual to go talk to him. So they start talking, and she uses her overly high pitch voice tone and laughs at all he says even if there was no comedic intent in his words, whilst bending over to show her cleavage. Anna being Anna also makes a point of doing all this whilst staring at me as a form of intimidation (I assume). Once she realizes Jay isn’t at all interested in her, she makes her way back to her computer, once she’s right behind me, Jay calls me quite loudly and goes: “You still coming over this evening?” and smiles. I had no clue what he was on about so he invited me to go to some party. She looks at him and then at me in utter fury and goes away in a tantrum.

Later that day he told me he made all that up because he saw how she was treating me and wanted to embarrass her. Ever since then,  she has not harassed either of us.

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