He Finally Lost Control When Bullies Insulted His Dead Mom

Back in college, one guy I knew on greeting and small talk terms but not much more, was known as the literal rock against the waves, childish freshmen picked on him for being retarded for ages, and he just shrugged it off. You need to imagine him as a gentle giant, 6’9ish, and arms as thick as my thigh, but very sweet and lovable, hobbies included caring for shelter kitties and posting reviews for oddly specific music theory books online.

I eventually became friends with him, and we hung out sometimes, grabbing a coffee and such, and one day, we were avidly discussing something when three of the childish freshmen came by and pestered him. He informed them twice that we were currently talking and they should not disturb us, please and thank you.

With foreseeable success, so he just shrugged and tried to continue our talk over their pestering. Frustrated that they did not succeed, one of them resorted to the last straw of a childish bully, and called his mother a whore. Fun fact: his mother died when he was 14 and he never fully came to terms with it. He took a deep breath, stood up, and grabbed the offender by his head, swinging him like a club at the others and kicking them into next Tuesday when they all were on the ground before I and two others finally could pull him off, and he instantly calmed down.

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