If You Haven’t Tried Putting Butter In Your Coffee, Here’s One Good Reason To Try It

There’s a new trend in the United States to add butter to your coffee! Does this offer any health benefits? Join Tara as she explains why some people are drinking buttered coffee, and how she just might try this herself!

Butter coffee is brewed coffee blended with butter and something called MCT oil, which stands for medium chain triglycerides and is comprised of the fat from coconut/palm kernel oil. Bulletproof® coffee is a brand of coffee created in 2010 by Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who, legend has it, was “literally rejuvenated” after being given yak butter tea by locals after hiking in Tibet in -10 degree weather at 18,000 feet. (A new company in Los Angeles has a Kickstarter going to fund their own instant butter coffee, called Coffee Blocks, which adds egg yolks to the mix, and Bulletproof does a Keurig-compatible cartridge, too.)

And it’s really just butter and that MCT stuff?

This is the recipe:

1 cup of black coffee

1 to 2 tbsp of unsalted grass-fed butter

1 to 2 tbsp of MCT oil

Blend until frothy (about 20-30 seconds)


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