When This Drivers Approaches A Roundabout At Full Speed, He Doesn’t Expect This…

Ever since I was a kid I grew up watching car chases on television and always thought something like it would actually be fun, you know, without having to break the law in doing so.I used to dream up all of the sweet jumps I would take my car over like Nicholas Cage with Lucille at the end of Gone in 60 Seconds; I would imagine how fast I’d be going and how every other car on the road would be in awe of my super-awesome driving skills. As I grew older I slowly started seeing the fallacies in my logic, but it seems not everyone does!

This guy was driving down the road and either didn’t realize he was coming up to a roundabout, or wanted to live out some childhood fantasies, but either way he ends up hitting the center at full speed, launching him high into the air before crashing back down like they do in the movies, except without driving off afterwards!



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