Mom Creates The Ultimate Dream Kitchen For Her Daughter Using Cardboard Boxes

Rodessa Villanueva-Reye from the Philippines wanted to create a play kitchen for her young daughter.  Her imagination went wild and she made it out of ordinary cardboard boxes. Check out the photos! 

cardboard kitchen for kids1

First, Rodessa gathered together some leftover cardboard boxes and laid them out to form the outline of a miniature kitchen. Her husband also took an active part in finding proper ’’construction materials.’’

cardboard kitchen for kids2

Then she made some cupboard doors and marked the places where the play oven and sink would be installed.

cardboard kitchen for kids3

Vinyl stickers turned out to be the perfect method for decorating the play kitchen.

cardboard kitchen for kids4

To create the finished look, Rodessa asked her daughter to collect all her ’’kitchen’’ toys.

cardboard kitchen for kids5

But, as we know, there are no limits to perfection. Rodessa wanted to give more life to the kitchen, so she made a sign that read ’’Audrey’s Café & Restaurant’’ and put it on the outside.

cardboard kitchen for kids6

Rodessa used an ordinary stainless steel bowl to create a sink. A liquid soap dispenser became the kitchen tap.

cardboard kitchen for kids7

The oven controls are made out of ordinary caps from old jars.

cardboard kitchen for kids8

And ta-da! The dream kitchen is fully equipped. The chef is clearly very happy and ready to receive new guests.

cardboard kitchen for kids9


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