A Bear And Cat Have An Unusual Interaction At This City Zoo…

Crowds gather to see what happens daily at this unique exhibit in the Folsom City Zoo. One day, zookeepers who regularly take care of the bears had noticed an intruder, but it wasn’t quite what they imagined. This intruder soon became fondly known as “Little Bear.”


When the zookeepers noticed that the same cat returning to the bear exhibit every morning, they started to accept the cat as a regular inhabitant. Then they started putting food out for the cat, too! As strange as this situation seemed, it was the interaction between the cat and a special bear named Sakoa that had everyone dumbfounded.


This odd pair of friends brought many visitors who came to watch. Sakoa and Little Bear certainly don’t seem like they would get along, but you will see that they have formed a special bond. According to senior lead zookeeper Jill Faust, this example proves to everyone, “That no matter who we are or where we come from, we can all find a way to get along.”

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