18 Hysterical Examples Of Cat Logic

Life without cats would be a nightmare! And why is that so? Because it would be boring and cheerless. Cats are so infinitely inspiring and entertaining that we can watch them endlessly!

Here are the results of our observations.

Cat Logic1

I found the most comfortable place in the house.

Cat Logic2

Wow! Your face is a perfect place to take a little nap!

Cat Logic3

Sleep inside? Nope, never heard of it.

Cat Logic4

My owner asked me to stop sitting at the keyboard.

Cat Logic5


Cat Logic6

You’re not going anywhere, ’cause I’m sleeping here.

Cat Logic7

It gives more meaning to the process.

Cat Logic8

I have my own door. The door which is meant for me.

Cat Logic9

It’s already 2 a.m.? A good time for running around the apartment for no reason.

Cat Logic10

I know that your birthday was last week. So what?

Cat Logic11

It’ll be a success. Everything’s under control.

Cat Logic12

Finally! Now I’m comfortable.

Cat Logic13

…and this place is just perfect!

Cat Logic14

The food tastes better in someone else’s bowl…

Cat Logic15

…and I like this box more.

Cat Logic16

Why do I need a pillow when there’s a modem?

Cat Logic17

We don’t understand a thing, but it looks so interesting!

Cat Logic18

I don’t know how I got here.


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