Cat Refuses To Leave The Supermarket Even After He Has Been Thrown Out

All cat owners are well aware of the obstinacy and shamelessness of these fluffy cheeky fellows. However, the owners with their boundless love for their pets can forgive anything. But the same can’t be said for others. The mischievous behavior of this ginger cat, who lives close to a shop, is a real nightmare for the staff. And the cat just doesn’t care as he always comes back to his favorite place.

cat refuses to leave supermarket1

You may politely ask him to leave. And you may just kick him out. Nevertheless, he’ll come back anyway. And he’ll be much stronger. More persistent. And fluffier.

Last year, this mysterious cat surprised the staff of a London supermarket with his stubbornness. The pet just loved sitting and chilling in his favorite spot: a shelf in the shop. And he didn’t care that he wasn’t a welcome guest there.

cat refuses to leave supermarket2

The staff at Sainsbury’s first spotted this ginger cutie back in November 2015. Usually, cats wander into shops or other places by accident.

But it seems like this cat has found his favorite place ever, even though security has removed him so many times. Sometimes the pet manages to pass the security guard unnoticed, and he comes to the supermarket whenever he wants.

cat refuses to leave supermarket3

‘He lives in the house next door, and he’s in here every day. However, he’s not allowed to be here,’ a spokesperson of Sainsbury’s told The Telegraph magazine.

It’s interesting that the cat doesn’t try to steal any food. He just loves being in the shop all the time.

cat refuses to leave supermarket4

For the staff, the stubborn cat is a big problem as animals are not allowed to be in the supermarkets next to food…whereas locals absolutely adore this little troublemaker.

‘Yesterday he was flat out on the mat by the door under the heated fans. Everyone was stopping to give him a tickle,’ one of the customers tweeted.

cat refuses to leave supermarket5

This famous cat even has his own Twitter page with many pictures on it that were obviously taken somewhere within Sainsbury’s.


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