There Is A Thief In The Neighborhood And You Won’t Believe Who It Is…

Dusty seems like an ordinary house cat. He has loving owners and gets all the care and attention any cat could want. But, like many criminals, Dusty lives a double life. Dusty’s neighbors know him by a different name – Klepto. That’s because at night, Dusty sneaks out onto the streets looking for anything to steal. Anything that’s not nailed down or locked up is Klepto’s to steal, and he won’t hesitate at taking it. Over the years, he’s taken towels, clothes, shoes, and even children’s toys. The good news is, Klepto’s victims always know how to get their stolen items back because the cat always brings his loot to his house at the end of the night. But Klepto leaves no promises that he won’t try to steal it again.


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