She Discovers Her Boyfriend’s Friend Had Encouraged Him To Cheat On Her…

A woman who remained forever faithful to her boyfriend was burned in the worst way possible for trusting him due to the machinations of one of his friends. How she got back at them is glorious.

I dated a guy for 8 years. I was sure he was the one. Everything was smooth sailing until the 7th year. He was an overachiever and determined to impress his new employer, which ultimately resulted in an addiction to Adderall. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a drug designed for people with ADHD. He didn’t have ADHD – but he used it, all the same, to increase his focus at work and overperform. He went from being relatively conservative to uncontrollably wild in a matter of weeks. His behavior was increasingly erratic, and before long it became clear he was beyond the point of no return, with respect to the fidelity of our relationship.

Even though he was not on great terms with his family, he decided to go ahead and travel out of state to an annual family gathering. I knew something was up that he wasn’t telling me he had made plans to connect with a female friend of his coworker who would be attending the gathering. He insisted this was mere happenstance.

The morning he left, I asked him if we should end the relationship. I didn’t want to be strung along by him and I knew he wasn’t anywhere as into me as much as he used to be. He’d often fake having fun with me, which made me feel hurt. He assured me all was well and boarded his plane. I didn’t hear from him for several days. At that point, I knew we were done. It hurt, but I was prepared to accept reality and move forward since he wasn’t answering his phone, I sent him a simple email, asking him to acknowledge what was plainly obvious. He responded right away and successfully tricked me into believing all was well. He was quite adamant.

The moment he walked through our front door, he ended the relationship. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Why even string me along? He left our house and went straight to court. Within a couple of hours, he had what he wanted using falsified evidence, he convinced a judge I threatened to kill him. He deceived me for the singular purpose of buying time in order to use the legal system to take possession of our two dogs.

I lost it. I immediately got to work. Later that night, I found a way to access his iPhone backup file that was stored on iTunes and began to dig through it, convinced I would find something useful. And boy did I.

To my delight, I learned that the coworker was having an affair with the president of their company. She had been encouraging my ex to use drugs and cheat on me with her best friend, and the president was a douche bag, fraud of a family man. I said to myself. They were all going down.

I harvested an incredible amount of information from his phone. After making sure it was well organized, I anonymously sent it all to his company’s Human Resources Manager. Shit hit the fan, and it was glorious.

Then things got absolutely insane. He lost his job, as did the friend who encouraged him to screw me over, and his boss had to resign in shame. Suffice to say, my vindictive thirst was thoroughly quenched…also, I got back my dogs.

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