An Easy-To-Learn Trick For Making A Breakfast Treat That Everyone Will Crave

Lisa Douglas is an Army wife and mother of seven children to feed and take care of. BShe’s found a knack for quick and easy recipes that even the most picky of eaters will love. Douglas has been kind enough to share her recipes with the world via her website, Crazy Adventures in Parenting.

Douglas was hoping to find a portable breakfast dish that her kids would love, and one of her favorites is this cheesy egg toast. The dish is extremely simple to make, as long as you know how to properly make the recess for the egg without tearing the bread.

cheesy egg toast
In order to not tear the bread, Douglas has a trick: She recommends using an iced tea spoon — or a spoon that has a slightly pointed edge — to make the edges of the recess. If you don’t have an iced tea spoon, a butter knife can work.
cheesy egg toast
Douglas says she’s loved the combination of eggs and cheese since she was a child. Naturally, it works perfectly well on this dish! A detailed step-by-step recipe for this dish can be found on Crazy Adventures in Parenting.
cheesy egg toast
The end result is delicious and portable, so you can carry it around with you around the house.


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