Trump Allows Boy To Mow White House Lawn, People Complain Of “Child Labor Law Violation”

Frank, an 11-year-old boy offered to mow the White House lawn. He typically charges $8 to mow lawns but offered to mow the White House lawn for free. The president accepted the young man’s offer.

In his letter to Trump, Frank said he would be honored to mow the lawn of the White House. He wanted to show the world what young people like himself are readying themselves for. Frank said he liked the president’s business background and recently began his own business, mowing his neighbors’ lawns. Before coming to the White House, he sent a list of products he offered and suggested the president choose what method of lawn keeping he wanted.

child labor white house

Photos of the president and Frank interacting went viral.

Despite the generous gesture, people made it a political issue, citing that the president was breaking child labor laws. One person wrote that the president wasn’t setting a good example for child labor, occupational safety, and minimum wage by letting the young boy mow the lawn.

child labor white house

Another commenter said Trump was promoting child labor while another said he had no understanding of child labor laws.

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