Grandmother’s Heart Sank When She Had To Save Her Grandaughter From Her Own Daughter

I raised my daughter on my own, and her dad was completely out of the picture. He left when she was just an infant so I raised her all by myself, with no help from anyone else.

My daughter and I were extremely close until she turned 19 and moved out of the house as she went to community college. Then she met this guy and I could feel her personality changing. I tried to accept him as a part of her life, and into my life because they had a child together.

Two years later, I discovered they were using heroin. They have both been to jail, prison, and rehab. I paid for her rehab treatment. While in rehab my daughter got pregnant again.

I gave them another chance only to discover that they stopped for heroin on the way home. They went back to prison not long after, as they were caught dealing small amounts of the drug.

I spent thousands of dollars to get custody of my grandchild, whom I believe is unsafe in their “care.” I have been dealing with this for 6 years. And now I am to the point that I don’t care If I see my daughter again. I feel bad but then I remember how she lied stole from me and beat me up. Plus, the child neglect she did to my grandchild is unforgivable.

Everyone in my life told me that I had to let my granddaughter go, as I would never get custody of her. But I kept trying and early this year, I was granted custody by a judge who saw things for how they really were. My lawyer showed the court all the evidence of child neglect that my once beloved daughter had heaped upon her own child. I hope God can give me the strength to part ways with my daughter because I still think about her every day and wonder how things would have been had I stepped in between her and her boyfriend. I’m just glad my granddaughter is free of them. Thank you for reading my story.

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