Eight Siblings Perform Their Annual Christmas Dance That Has Become A Popular Internet Tradition

Every Christmas for the past 5 years, this family (eight siblings) wears one of their  mom’s old sweaters and perform a dance. It has become their tradition, and this year they chose Pentatonix “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” and Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

They are having so much fun together with each and every dance move.  They even put their own twist on the dance while they tag team.  Four of the siblings disappear for a minute and allow the other four to be in the spotlight. When they choreographed their dance, they used all the current dance moves including the Juju and the Mannequin challenge. You can’t help but smile when you watch them perform.

While some families, hang beautiful Christmas lights, put up the Christmas tree and hang all the ornaments, this family has a creates a traditional dance. They truly know how to add fun to the holidays in their own unique way!


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