Little Boy Who Jumped On Santa’s Lap Had Quite An Unusual Request…

His friend was a volunteer Santa at a local mall when a little boy made him an unusual request. But the conversation they had is adorable.

An old coworker of mine was a volunteer Santa. I hope he doesn’t mind me sending this!)
A five-year-old boy climbs onto his lap, and my friend asks what the boy wants for Christmas. The boy exclaims “I want an orange goldfish!”.
My friend glances over at the mom, who gives him the thumbs up, so he smiles and tells the boy that he’ll make sure it goes on the list. But the boy worriedly leans closer and says:
Boy: Santa, you have to bring the fish in water, okay? Fish need water to live!
Friend: ~chuckles~ The fish will come with water, I promise!
Boy: And you have to feed it! They sell fish food ant Walmart.
Friend: Uh, okay. The elves will make sure-
Boy: And you can’t leave it in the sleigh! It will FREE AND DIE!
Friend: Don’t worry, nothing will happen to the fish.
Boy: And it can’t stay in the bag because it won’t have air.
Friend: I have many requests for fish, and they’ve all gone to their homes safely. Don’t worry-
Boy: You don’t understand! You’re magic! Animals need food and water and air!
Friend: Uh…
Boy: ~jumps off Santa’s lap, very exasperated~ MOM, SANTA’S GOING TO KILL MY FISH.


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