Construction Workers Make A Startling Discovery While Installing Electrical Wires

Making a great archeological find would be one of them most exciting things to happen to anyone. Unearthing a piece of our amazing planet’s past would be enough to fill almost anyone with a sense of joy and accomplishment. Well that’s precisely what happened to these construction workers in Spain. They were going about there day as if it was any other, when all of a sudden they made an absolutely incredible discovery. A discovery so big they couldn’t even unearth the whole thing! Check out what they found below.

Coins in pots1

The workers were digging a ditch to run electricity to a park when they came across these old looking pots. These pots are actually called amphoras, and they were made during the time when Rome ruled much of Europe.

Coins in pots2

They cleared more of the dirt out that was surrounding the amphoras and discovered that they were full of what looked like coins!

Coins in pots3

There actually turned out to be 19 of these amphoras in the area. All of them were full the brim with bronze Roman Empire coins.

Coins in pots4

The weight of the coins totaled about 1,300 pounds! There were quite a bit of these things.

Coins in pots5

The coins date back to around the 3rd or 4th century A.D. The surprising thing is that researchers say that these coins were never in actual circulation.

Coins in pots6

These amphoras were commonly used to store and transport wine, olive oil and other food items.

Coins in pots7

The coins feature emperors Maximian and Constantine and are worth at least several million euros!

Coins in pots8

This set of coins is very intriguing to archeologists because it’s a very unique set. As was mentioned before, these coins were never used in circulation.

Coins in pots9

Researchers are eager to learn all they can from these coins and because of the mass amount, it’s going to take a while.

Coins in pots10

Once the coins are thoroughly examined by researchers, they will be placed into the Seville Archeological Museum for everyone to enjoy.

Coins in pots11

A collection like this has never been found before, so researchers are very anxious to see what knowledge they can glean from these coins.

Coins in pots12

It’s amazing that these amphoras and coins survived hundreds of years buried underground.

This was definitely not a typical day at work for these construction guys. Finding something like this would make me extra careful about digging in the future. I would always be hoping to find something else like this. It makes you wonder what other amazing artifacts are buried throughout this area, and even all over Europe!


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