Shoppers Look At Her Screaming Autistic Daughter With Disgust, Then They Get To The Cashier…

A parent shares her thanks with the grocery clerk who helped her daughter, who suffers from autism and severe disability. His actions renew our faith in humanity.

I wanted to say thanks to Karl, the young man on Register 7 at Westlakes Coles today in California. My daughter who is 5 has serious medical conditions and disabilities. She has a brain injury caused by a stroke in utero and also has an Autism.

The shop was very busy, and I very rarely take her out. The stares, comments, and sniggers can make a trip for milk horrible with a toddler in tow also. Today there was such a long line, there was so much noise, and Ella started to panic. People just looked as she screamed and made a commotion while I tried to load my groceries into the register.

Karl took one look at Ella, held her hand gently and gave her the biggest smile. He stopped serving on the line and helped her to focus and told her she was beautiful. He then, even though her language isn’t clear, treated her like a normal child. Chatted to her, smiled at her and made her feel as special as she deserves to feel. He ignored the looks of people around and just served us, and never stopped smiling at Ella the whole time. I was so moved by his genuine level of care and compassion. He said all the right things, and we all left with a smile.

Thank you, Karl, for being such an amazing young bloke. For restoring my faith in strangers, and for helping a little girl who wasn’t being naughty- but simply her world was way too confusing, noisy and confronting and she wasn’t coping. And thank you, Coles, for employing this young man, who made getting Milk, not the stressful experience it normally is.

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