Cows Find A Baby Seal In The Middle Of A Pasture

Bird watching is hobby of Ian Ellis. While he was out enjoying himself one day and looking for some birds, he spotted something very odd and unusual through his telescope. A group of cows were surrounding a muddy hole in their field. The cows attention was fixated on something moving in the mud pile. Ian couldn’t identify what it was, so he decided to take a closer look. He approaches the area of the field carefully, as he had no idea what he was about encounter. He was taken completely aback by what he spotted squirming around in the mud. It was a baby seal!!! You read that correctly, these cows found a buried seal! The little guy was in some trouble however, and needed help.

Cows found a baby seal1

Ian could have never prepared for the bizarre events of the day in question. Imagine finding a baby seal in the middle of a cow pasture.

Cows found a baby seal2

When he walked up he was greeted by this little fella. He had somehow wandered 3 miles inland from the ocean and ended up in the middle of this cow pasture. The little guy was in rough shape. Simply taking him back to the ocean wouldn’t be enough.

Cows found a baby seal3

Workers from the Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary rushed to the scene to help this poor animal. On top of a lung infection, the baby seal was severely dehydrated and malnourished. How could you not want to help that face?

Cows found a baby seal4

The baby seal was a little fighter though. She gained all the weight she had lost back. She even found another seal named Charlie to bond with.

Cows found a baby seal5

With the baby seal responding well to the care that was being given, the sanctuary decided it was time to release the seal back into the ocean where it belongs.

Cows found a baby seal6

She would not be alone for her journey though. The rescue organization brought Charlie with her, and they were both released into the ocean together. Look how happy those two look with each other!

Cows found a baby seal7

The rescuers named the seal Celebration. This is the last photo that was taken of her. She finally gets to go home!

Though Celebration had quite the journey, she is finally back in the ocean where she belongs. The Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary did a great thing by taking in this poor little seal and giving her the care she needed. If they hadn’t stepped in, who knows what would have happened to this poor little creature. Thankfully though, Celebration made it back home, and she even made a new friend to hang out with along the way!


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