DIY Projects That Didn’t Quite Work Out

Pinterest is usually the best place to find creative DIY ideas.  Be it recipes, craft projects, and so much more. That’s when you find an easy project, go to the craft store for the supplies, follow the directions and still wind up with a Pinterest fail. You’re not alone if this happened to you!  Check out these hilarious Pinterest fails.

Bunny roll fail
Not your finest baking project.

String balloon fail
Not enough glue?

T-shirt scarf fail
Maybe a Halloween costume?

Fried egg fail
Mix it up and voila, it’s an omelet!

Bottle flower fail
Save this one for the kids to work on.

Deviled chick fail
Stick with the original on this one.

Pumpkin baby fail
But it looked so cute!

Family pile fail
It’s the thought that counts.

Your fail wasn’t so bad after all, was it?


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